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Municipal Vision

The municipal vision of Bay, the Garden Capital of Laguna, paints a picture of a vibrant and prosperous community that values the well-being of its people and environment. The vision encompasses three key areas of development: agriculture, commerce, and tourism.

“Bay, the Garden Capital of Laguna, is a progressive Municipality, driven by agriculture, commercial, and tourism development, where people are empowered, healthy, and resilient, thriving in a sustainable and connected environment, guided by a transparent, accountable, and people-centered leadership.”

Agriculture is a significant driver of the municipality’s growth, and the vision seeks to promote sustainable farming practices that support economic development while protecting the natural environment. Bay aims to be a leader in agricultural innovation, utilizing modern technology to enhance productivity and efficiency while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Commerce and tourism are also essential components of Bay’s vision. The municipality seeks to create a thriving commercial sector that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish. At the same time, Bay wants to become a popular destination for tourists, offering unique cultural experiences and showcasing its natural beauty.

The vision of Bay is people-centered, with a focus on empowering individuals and building resilient communities. The municipality aims to promote health and well-being, ensuring that all members of the community have access to quality healthcare and social services. Additionally, Bay envisions a sustainable and connected environment that promotes a high quality of life for residents.

A transparent and accountable leadership is essential to realizing the vision of Bay. The municipality seeks to foster a culture of open communication and collaboration, ensuring that all stakeholders have a voice in the decision-making process. By prioritizing the needs of the community and providing a framework for sustainable growth, Bay aims to create a better future for all its residents.

Development Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:
Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment


  1. To establish and improve waste management system;
  2. To ensure sustainable resource management and utilization;
  3. To maintain environmental integrity;
  4. To strengthen and improve emergency services and public assistance during or immediately after disasters;
  5. To adapt and mitigate effects and impacts of climate change and disasters;
  6. To implement and enforce all environmentally–related laws, rules, regulations.

Goal 3:
Sustainable, Innovative, and Competitive Tourism, Agriculture and Commercial Development


  1. To promote and boost the tourism industry in the municipality;
  2. To sustainably increase agricultural production;
  3. To encourage sustainable agricultural practices, technologies, and innovations;
  4. To elevate the performance and competitiveness of local products and businesses;
  5. To harness and encourage growth of local organizations, operators and associations;
  6. To establish and strengthen partnerships with various agencies, organizations, and institutions related to the different industries in the municipality;
  7. To improve and upgrade economic activities through quality infrastructure and relevant local economic development policies.

Goal 2:
Empowered Community in a Liveable Municipality


  1. To promote the rights and welfare of all;
  2. To enhance quality of social service delivery and facilities;
  3. To establish and improve social infrastructures; and
  4. To ensure equitable access to quality and affordable social services.

Goal 4:
Reliable, Accessible, and Improved Infrastructure


  1. To improve the physical and digital connectivity of the municipality;
  2. To encourage use of alternative and innovative energy and water sources; 
  3. To strengthen and ensure active partnerships with investors and service providers; 
  4. To support and provide adequate social, economic, and administrative infrastructures.

Goal 5: 
Inclusive, Progressive, and Responsive Government


  1. To maximize revenue collection of the municipality;
  2. To enhance professional development of LGU employees;
  3. To improve database and information management and planning of LGU; and
  4. To update local ordinances, codes, and resolutions.