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Senior Citizen’s Affairs Office


Executive Order No. 2022-021 an order establishing the office of the Senior Citizen’s Affairs and designating its officer. The said EO states that LGU Bay acknowledges the need to establish an office and designate its officer to spearhead the planning and implementation of all Senior Citizen related programs and activities pursuant to the Senior Citizen’s Act. 


Contribution of Senior Citizens are duly recognized in nation building; Assistance is fully extended to every senior citizen; Full participation of senior citizen in the society; Rights and privileges of senior citizens are fully granted; Comprehensive Health Care and Rehabilitation Program are put in place; for meaningful and productive aging; Senior citizens serve models in the community they live in.


Maximation of senior citizens contributions to nation building: The elderly are fully assisted and appreciated in the community they live in; Establish programs beneficial to the elderly, their families and the community; Realization of community-based health programs for the senior citizens; safeguard welfare of senior citizens and enhance capability full benefits and protection are duly extended to every senior citizen.


  1. To safeguard the welfare of Senior Citizens and enhance capability with full benefits and protection.
  2. To promote activities and projects for the welfare of the Senior Citizens.
  3. Enhancing their physical condition and relieve stress of the Senior Citizens
  4. To provide transparency by Senior Citizen discount and other privileges.

Power and Functions

  1. To ensure full implementation of National and Local Laws for Senior Citizens;
  2. Submit quarterly report to MSWD;
  3. Ensure implementation, monitoring and evaluation of program and services for Senior Citizens;
  4. Facilitate the Social pension program target beneficiaries, enrollment cancellation and updating of senior citizen data base;
  5. Propose programs and policies for the welfare of older person.

General Services

  1. Issuance of Senior Citizen I.D, booklet such as medicine and DTI;
  2. Follow up Philhealth and MDR;
  3. Processing of intake form for   the Indigent Senior Citizen;
  4. Monitoring of Senior Citizen in 15 Barangays.

Contact Information

Mail Address:   OSCA Office ,1st Floor, Chipeco Building Municipal Hall. F. Arrieta Park, J.P Rizal avenue, Barangay  San Agustin ,Bay Laguna

Contact Number: 0915-186-3849 / 091-745-47589

E-mail Address: [email protected]