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Office of the Municipal Treasurer

Ms. May D. Facunla

Municipal Treasurer

Email Address: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Office Address: Ground Floor, Old Municipal Building, J. Tanalega Street, Barangay San Agustin, Municipality of Bay, Laguna, 4033


Under R.A 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991, Article Two, The Treasurer, Section. 470. 


To make the Municipality of Bay a financially stable and economically developed local government unit, through the exercise of prudent fund management and proper disbursement of funds.


The Treasury Department shall take charge in keeping and determining accounts of all money received or disposed in accordance with the auditing rules and regulations, the custody of which may be entrusted to him/her by law and other competent authority.

Functional Services

The Office of the Municipal Treasurer shall have the following functions:

    1. Advise the Mayor, the Sanggunian, and other local government and national officials concerned regarding disposition of local government funds, and on such other matters relative to public finance;
    2. Take custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the local government unit concerned;
    3. Take charge of the disbursement of all local government funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to him by law or other competent authority;
    4. Inspect private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the local government unit concerned in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances, pursuant to the provisions under Book II of this Code;
    5. Maintain and update the tax information system of the local government unit;
    6. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

General Services

    1. Collection of all local taxes, fees and charges.
    2. Prepare checks in payment of various obligations of the municipality.
    3. Disburse salaries and wages, allowances and honorarium of employees.
    4. Evaluate gross receipts of business establishments and assess local business taxes, fees and charges, and other duly authorized local impositions. 
    5. Remit national, provincial and barangay shares.
    6. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly report of collections.
    7. Deposit daily collections of the municipality to authorize government depository banks.
    8. Prepare and submit reports required by the Bureau of Local Government Finance and other government agencies.
    9. Update records of real property tax payments and prepare a list of delinquent properties.
    10. Send notices of delinquency to delinquent taxpayers.