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Office of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer

EnP. Christirose Jireh R. Betia 

Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer

Email Address: [email protected]

Office Address: 2/F Old Municipal Building, J. Tanalega Street, Barangay San Agustin, Municipality of Bay, Laguna, 4033


Republic Act 7160 also known as the Local Government Code of 1991, specified the powers and functions of the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO).


In alignment with Bay’s vision of being the Garden Capital of Laguna and promoting sustainability, the Office of Environment and Natural Resources envisions a municipality where the environment and natural resources are preserved, enhanced, and utilized in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our commitment is to foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, ensuring that future generations can thrive in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.


    1. To establish a Sustainable Waste Management System;
    2. To assess and monitor the status of the environment and natural resources in the municipality regularly;
    3. To protect and enhance the natural ecosystems within the municipality, including wetlands, forests, and bodies of water;
    4. To provide educational programs to increase awareness of environmental laws and regulations among the community.
    5. To continuously review and update local environmental ordinances in alignment with national and international standards.

Power and Functions

    1. Some of the functions of DENR have been devolved to the local government unit through DENR DAO No. 30 series of 1992 specifically solid waste disposal system and environmental management system have been devolved to every LGU through Article 1 Section 17 paragraph (2) (vi) of R.A. 7160.
    2. MENRO handles environmental concerns and ensures that regulations are being implemented within municipal territorial jurisdiction.

Functional Services

    1. Data Request for Research Study
    2. Endorsement letter for Trimming and Cutting of trees
    3. Submission of Barangay Initiated Weekly Clean Up Report
    4. Payments and Purchase Request to be used in the Office
    5. Submission of Brgy. Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA) Report
    6. Proper documentation of Waste Data
    7. Prepare Environmental plans, programs and other environmental issues
    8. Supervise and coordinate in Brgy. regarding Solid Waste Management Program
    9. Responsible for site inspection, haulers & recyclers
    10. Assists the MENRO in the implementation and monitoring of solid waste management plans and programs
    11. Documentation relative to the function of Municipal Solid Waste Management Board
    12. Coordinate with the Barangay regarding monitoring of action plans of Barangay SWM implementation
    13. Monitor & Evaluate Environmental compliance of all commercial establishments
    14. Recommend endorsement and clearance to the commercial establishments relative to their application for the new and renewal of business license and mayor’s permit
    15. Conduct Site Inspection and Audit relevant to environmental compliance
    16. Received Environmental Complaints & prepare findings and recommendations
    17. Perform office filing and retrieving of documents
    18. Perform Clerical Jobs

Functional Services

    1. Strengthen municipal responsibilities over environmental protection.
    2. Improve the performance of our local government unit in environmental functions such as covering the fields of forestry, small scale mining, pollution control and prevention, municipal waters and solid waste management.