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Office of the Municipal Agriculturist

Ms. Clarissa Briñas

Municipal Agriculture Officer (OIC)

Email Address:

Office Address: Ground floor Chipeco Building, J. Tanalega Street, Barangay San Agustin, Municipality of Bay, Laguna, 4033


Promotion of agriculture and fisheries development through the introductions of new farming and aquaculture technologies that would increase productivity of farmers & fisherfolks.


Farmers and Fisherfolks communities move from their current subsistence level to a globally competitive sectors of highly educated and knowledge equipped organization.


    1. To provide goods and services which support and facilitate the effort of small farming and fishing families to attain sustainable productivity and increase real income;
    2. To advocate an economic environment which will increased incentives for agricultural/fishery enterprise;
    3. To promote the efficient allocation and effective utilization of agri-fishery resources, consistent with the principle of equitable and sustainable development;
    4. To help direct more public investment to hasten the provision of needed infrastructure and services supportive of agro-industrialization of Bay, Laguna.

Power and Functions

1. Implementing plans and programs through linkages and local government unit support (LCE) Broad extension services to reach all sectors in Agriculture & Fisheries.

Functional Services

    1. Technical Assistance : (HVCDP – Fruit Trees / Vegetable, Rice, Livestock and Fisheries sector)

General Services

      1. Rice
      2. Livestock
      3. Fisheries
      4. HVCDP
      5. Ornamental 
      6. Organic Agriculture