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About the Inventory Committee of the Municipality of Bay

Contact Information

Mail: General Services Office Municipality of Bay Tanalega Street, Barangay San Agustin Bay, Laguna 4033

Telephone: +63905 640 6084

Email: [email protected] 


Presidential Decree No. 1445 otherwise known as the Auditing Code of the Philippines provides that Local Government Units (LGUs) are mandated to comply with the procedures provided by the existing laws and regulations on property and supply management to reflect fairly the book value of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) in the financial statements of the municipality;

Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, Title VI, Sections 355 to 383 as amended by Republic Act No. 9184, known as the Government Procurement Law prescribed the Property and Supply Management of the Local Government Units (LGU’s).


A Committee ensuring the integrity of property custodianship in the conduct of government property inventory adhering the establishment of transparency, accountability and responsibility over the properties and equipment in accordance with the implementing rules and regulations of the Philippine Law.


  1. To update records on properties, equipment and supplies, and materials;
  2. To validate the existence of properties and equipment;
  3. To check the integrity of records and stockpiled items; and 
  4. To determine the conditions and functionality of properties and equipment.

Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Conduct annual physical inventory of all properties and supplies of the Municipality of Bay, which shall be witnessed by the Resident Auditor or his/her duly authorize representative;
  2. Prepare and submit the inventoried properties and supplies report called Report on the Physical Count of Property, Plant and Equipment (RPCPPE) and Report on the Physical Count of Inventories (RPCI) not later than January 31st of each year;
  3. Instruct the General Services Officer/Property Officer and the Municipal Accountant to maintain complete and updated records and facilitate the reconciliation of the balances of the PPE;
  4. Establish physical control to secure and safeguard the assets, such as limited access to inventories and equipment to prevent loss and unauthorized use;
  5. Require the accountable offices to immediately inform the concerned official(s) of the lost stolen, damaged or destroyed property;
  6. Ensure that all government property is used for intended purposes;
  7. Take appropriate action against the concerned accountable official(s) for non-compliance and repeated unjustified failure to comply with the requirements pursuant to Section 127 of PD 1445, and;
  8. Perform such as other necessary functions as may be provided by the law or the COA.


Chairman : HON. JOSE O. PADRID- Municipal Mayor

Vice-Chairperson: ROWENA B. CALIMLIM- OIC General Services Officer



JAYCA ZYRAH PADRID-Municipal Administrator

KRISTINA MARIE E. CRUZ-Municipal Accountant