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Local Housing Board


Executive Order No. 708, s. 2008, Section 2: Creation of Local Housing Boards. The Local Government Units must create their own Local Housing Boards or any similar body through an appropriate ordinance before conducting the clearinghouse functions granted to them in this Executive Order.

DILG Memorandum Circular No. 143, s. 2008, Creation of Local Housing Boards.


The Local Housing Board, shall be headed by the Municipal Mayor, with the following as members:

    1. Chairperson, Sanggunian Committee on Housing and Urban or Urban Development or its equivalent;
    2. Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator;
    3. Municipal Engineer;
    4. Representative from the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor;
    5. Representative of a duly accredited People’s Organization and operating within the Municipality; and
    6. Representative of a SEC-registered and duly accredited NGO and operating within the Municipality

Power and Functions 

As the sole clearing house for eviction and demolition activities concerning informal settlers in danger areas, public places and government projects, the Board shall exercise the following powers and functions:

    1. Monitor all evictions and demolitions, whether voluntary, extra-judicial, summary, or court-ordered;
    2. Require the proponent of an eviction and demolition, i.e., national government department, agency, institution or focal government, or its duly authorized representative, to first seCure from the Boar d the Checklist, Guidelines and Eviction and Demolition Compliance Certificate prior to the actual implementation thereof and, thereafter, to submit to the Board the completed Checklist, attested to under oath by the proponent and indicating that:
      1. Adequate consultations with the affected families were undertaken;
      2. Adequate resettlement site and relocation facilities are made available; and
      3. The provisions of Section 3, paragraph 1 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Section 28 of Republic Act No. 7279 (Pre-relocation) have been complied with; and
    3. Based on the completed Checklist, and subject to further verification, Issue an Eviction and Demolition Compliance Certificate on a proposed eviction and demolition.