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About the Disposal Committee and Committee on awards for the disposal of unserviceable properties in the Municipality of Bay.


Contact Information

Mail: General Services Office Municipality of Bay Tanalega Street, Barangay San Agustin Bay, Laguna 4033

Telephone: +63905 640 6084

Email: [email protected] 

Legal Mandate

Commission on Audit (COA) Circular No. 89-296, the full and sole authority and responsibility for the divestment or disposal of properties and other assets owned by National, Corporate and Local Government Units including its subsidiaries shall be lodged in the heads of the departments, bureaus and offices or governing bodies or managing heads of the concerned entities;

Articles 435 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code of 1991 mandates the Local Government Units that there shall be a Committee on the Disposal of Unserviceable Properties which shall exercise exclusive jurisdiction in deciding the winning bids and questions of awards on the disposal of supplies and properties of the government agency;


A Committee ensuring the uniformity and consistency in the conduct of government property disposal in accordance with the implementing rules and regulation on disposition of government properties.


    1. To establish a transparent, competitive, uniform process and monitored procurement in accordance with Republic Act 9184 known as Government Procurement Act.
    2. To conduct periodic physical inventory of property and supplies of the municipality to verify its existence and condition.
    3. Establish accountability and responsibility over the properties and equipment.
    4. To maximize the use of the municipality resources into conservative and qualitative public service to its constituents.

Power and Functions 

Functions and Responsibilities

a. Disposal Committee

        1. Responsible in the inspection and appraisal of the unserviceable properties. 
        2. Responsible in the preparation of Inventory and Inspection Report of Unserviceable Property (IIRUP), Waste Material Report (WMR) and other documents to be submitted to Commission on Audit.
        3. Ensure that the procedures conducted are in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.
        4. Perform such as other necessary functions as may be provided by the law or the COA.

b. Bac on Disposal

        1. Conduct coordination meetings and other necessary preparations for the efficient implementation of the bidding activity;
        2. Ensure bidding activities are conducted in compliance with the mandated guidelines and requirements;
        3. Conduct the opening of the bids;
        4. If first bidding fails, re-advertise and conduct a second bidding;
        5. If second bidding fails, resort to negotiated sale; and
        6. Recommend the award to the winning bidder/s.

c. Secretariat

        1. Record and document all the proceedings of the meetings;
        2. Manage the administrative requisites of the committee;
        3. Index and keep all records used and referenced by the committee; and
        4. Perform other functions as may be deemed necessary.


Disposal Committee

Chairman: HON. JOSE O. PADRID-Municipal Mayor


ROWENA B. CALIMLIM-OIC General Services Officer


JAYCA ZYRAH PADRID-Municipal Administrator

MAY D. FACUNLA-Municipal Treasurer

HELEN C. MAGSINO-Municipal Budget Officer

KRISTINA MARIE E. CRUZ-Municipal Accountant


ELISEA V. BARIQUIT-Municipal Assessor

Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) on Disposal

Chairman : HON. JOSE O. PADRID-Municipal Mayor

Members : ELISEA V. BARIQUIT-Municipal Assessor

ALEXANDER G. DARVIN-Municipal Agriculturist

JAYCA ZYRAH R. PADRID-Municipal Administrator



Secretariat: MA. NINA MARIGONDON-MCR Staff