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Seal Symbolism

The Seal that denotes three main economic activities in Bay, Philippines, highlights the primary industries that drive the local economy.

Firstly, geothermal power plant located in Barangay Bitin is a significant source of economic activity in the area. Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable energy source that utilizes the natural heat of the earth to generate electricity. The presence of geothermal power plants in the region provides job opportunities for the local community and contributes to the overall economic growth of the area.

Secondly, agriculture is another vital economic activity in Bay. The area has various barangays where farming activities take place, such as growing rice, corn, fruits, and vegetables. The fertile soil and favorable climate conditions in Bay make it an ideal location for agriculture. The agriculture sector provides employment opportunities for many residents, and the produce from the farms is an essential source of food for the local community and beyond.

Thirdly, fishing in coastal barangays is a crucial economic activity that contributes to the growth of the area. Bay is a coastal town, and its proximity to the sea provides an opportunity for fishing activities. Fish and other seafood are a significant source of protein and an essential food source for the local community. The fishing industry also provides employment opportunities for many people, including fishermen, fish processors, and vendors.