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Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program – Municipal Advisory Council


R.A 11310, An act institutionalizing the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program, Section 14, letter paragraph d) Set up participatory monitoring and evaluation systems and methodologies on compliance of conditions, implementation of operations, and output and impact assessments. It shall also coordinate with the NAC and with the Independent Monitoring Committee at the national and local levels, to verify compliance on a monthly basis, using the monitoring and evaluation systems designed for the purpose;

Section 23. Implementing Rules and Regulations. — Within six (6) months from the effectivity of this Act, the Secretary of the DSWD shall, in coordination with appropriate government departments and agencies with the participation of the local government units, promulgate the necessary rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this Act.


The function of the organized Municipal Advisory Council shall be as follows;

    1. Take the lead and facilitate the passage of local ordinance supporting the program implementation of 4ps to improve the condition of its poor constituents; 
    2. Include in the Annual Investment Plan and / or  Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan to complement the implementation of 4Ps activities
    3. Provide complementary services and monitor availability of the required supply side and services to ensure that beneficiaries are able to comply with the program conditions and their eventual exit  from the program such as livelihood assistance, scholarship programs, etc. 
    4. Provide to address the gaps/result of the DSWD conducted Social Welfare and Development Indicators to program beneficiaries 
    5. Convene, preside or designate a permanent representative in the regular Municipal Advisory Council meetings
    6. Ensure that gender perspective is integrated within the context of partnership
    7. Adopt the implementation of the Kilos Unlad Seven Year Social Case Management Strategy such as but not limited to; 
      1. Participates and attends as representative by the MSWDO in case conferences of the identified household beneficiaries for program exit and transfer;
      2. Establish an operational system that includes mechanisms and processes to effectively engage and monitor households who exited/ graduated from the program;
      3. Effectively engage partners and other stakeholders from the social service workforce to mobilize the needed resources to sustain households and prevent them from sliding back to the poverty level;
      4. Ensure regular funding for post-program services to sustain the gains of household and included in the local development planning process; and
      5. Ensure implementation of a Municipal Action Plan and Agreement for the 4Ps beneficiaries with specific programs and services details on transitioning or exit procedure for an eventual exit of household beneficiaries from the program
    8. Provide conducive office space and other logistics support to the Pantawid staff such as but not limited to office supplies, equipment, among  others for the  period of the program implementation.
    9. Designate permanent counterpart LGU Links to assist the DSWD hire Municipal Links  in the implementation of all Pantawid Pamilya Activities  in the Municipality;
    10. Advocate the other agencies and other Civil Society Organization, Private and Business Sectors and other intermediaries to gain support in the implementation of the Pantawid  Pamilya.

Meetings and Quorums

The Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program Advisory Council shall met every three months, specifically every 3rd week of every 2nd month of every quarter.


The Municipal Advisory council is headed by  the Municipal Link who is constituted as a secretariat which shall be responsible for providing technical support, documentation of the proceedings.