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About the Municipal Peace and Order Council


Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code particularly, Section 16 mandates all local government units to ensure and maintain peace and order within their respective areas of jurisdiction, among other concerns. In addition, Section 116 thereof states that a POC shall be established in every Province, City, and Municipality.


The Municipal Peace and Order Council shall have the following functions:

  1. Adopt the following resolutions:
      1. A resolution on the composition of the MPOC immediately after the assumption of the new Chairperson, and in the event that there is any change in the composition thereof;
      2. A resolution on the creation of Special Action Committees;
      3. An annual resolution on the schedule of the quarterly meetings;
      4. A resolution on the composition of the CCPOC/MPOC Secretariat;
      5. A resolution on the approval of CCPOC/MPOC POPS Plan; and
      6. Such other resolutions, as may be necessary.
  2. Formulate the medium-term and annual public investment programs; Invite other concerned agencies which are not included in E.O. No. 773, s. 2009, (e.g. intelligence communities or agencies) to join or participate in PPOC meetings and/or activities, as may be necessary.
  3. Formulate a 3-year Local Peace and Order and Public Safety Plan (POPS) Plan, to be incorporated/and consistent with the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).
  4. Create a Special Action Committee (SAC) on Anti-Insurgency and Anti-Criminality, Crisis Management, and other SACs, to prevent or address the issues or incidents on peace and order and public safety.
  5. Create a Technical Working Group (TWG) for the purpose of POPS Planning, following the guidelines prescribed by this Omnibus and other DILG issuances on the tools and processes on POPS Planning.
  6. Provide a forum for inter-disciplinary dialogue and deliberation of major issues and concerns affecting peace and order and public safety within their respective areas of jurisdictions.
  7. Recommend strategic actions or activities aimed at promoting, improving, or enhancing peace and order and public safety measures, including anti-insurgency measures within their respective areas of jurisdictions.
  8. Recommend measures to converge and orchestrate internal security operations efforts of civil authorities and agencies, military, and police.
  9. Formulate and adopt an effective mechanism for the coordination, cooperation, and consultation involving the local executives, citizenry, and law enforcement agencies under R.A. 6975, as amended, in the adoption of the Community and Service-Oriented Policing (CSOP) System.
  10.  Apply moral suasion to and/or recommend sanctions against local chief executives who are giving material and political support to the insurgents.
  11.  Monitor the provision of livelihood and infrastructure development programs and projects in the remote rural and indigenous population areas to isolate them from the insurgents’ ideological, political, and organizational works.
  12.  Serve as the convergence mechanism to support the Enhance Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) Committee in its implementation, at the CC/M level.
  13.  Support the implementation of ELCAC initiatives.
  14.  Participate in the conduct annual POC performance audit
  15.  Provide regular staff and financial assistance from the Office of the MPOC Chairperson to support the MPOC Secretariat
  16.  Perform such other functions as may be directed by law or higher authorities.

    Meetings and Quorum

    The Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) shall conduct a quarterly meeting and special meetings as needed.


    The Secretariat of the Municipal Peace and Order Council shall be headed by their respective Municipal Local Government Organizations Officer.

    1. The MPOC Secretariat Head shall cause the reorganization of the MPOC upon assumption of the new POC Chairperson after a national and local election through the following:
      1. Review of accredited CSO profiles related to Peace and Order and Public Safety;
      2. Endorse and recommend CSO nominees to the CCPOC/MPOC Chair;
      3. Facilitate the request for security clearance of the appointed CSOs.
    2. Assist the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson in the conduct of MPOC meetings.
    3. Provide technical and administrative assistance to the MPOC.
    4. Propose PPSAs contributing to the furtherance of peace and order and public safety situation at the provincial level, consistent to national thrusts.
    5. Recommend MPOC agenda, and prepare resolutions, minutes of the meeting, and other documents.
    6. Submit the following status reports to the PPOC Secretariat
      1. Conduct of the annual POC performance audit;
      2. Formulation and development of LGU POPS Plan;
      3. Encoding in the POPSP-PCMS.
    7. Ensure the preparation and submission of the following accomplishment reports through the POPSP-PCMS:
      1. Reporting Forms 1 (semestral) and 2 (annual);
      2. PPOC Secretariat semestral accomplishment report;
    8. Provide technical support or assistance to activities related to the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP), ELCAC Task Force, and other peace and order and public safety related programs in the CC/M level;
    9. Perform such other tasks as may be directed by law, the RPOC Chairperson or the NPOC Chairperson.